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Lochside Hotel, Lodges and Spa
Lochside Hotel, Lodges and Spa

Make yourself at home

There is no place like it!

Our luxury lodges in the heart of Ayrshire have to be seen to be believed. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, hosting a corporate event or simply enjoying a weekend getaway, our lodges can accommodate.

Each lodge has an extensive living area with full kitchen and dining facilities, modern furnishings and contemporary design features, perfect for group entertaining. With your very own private terrace and hot tub overlooking the stunning countryside, you simply won’t want to go home!

The Lochside lodges offer the best of both worlds - luxurious self-catering privacy with our restaurant, bar and spa facilities only a few steps away.

the perfect getaway

As secluded or as social as you want it to be

Your very own hot tub

Relax and let your mind go free

Open Plan Living & Dining Area

Contemporary design and modern finishing's

Stunning Views


relax... rejuvenate... restore

The Spa at Lochside

Experience our award-winning spa

Visit our spa